Why Did I Stop Losing Weight On My Diet Plan?

Why Did I Stop Losing Weight On My Diet Plan?why did i stop losing weight on diet plan

One of the best moments of the whole weight loss experience, is the pride and happiness you feel when you step on the scale and see that you’ve lost a few more pounds. This is your reward for closely following a Diet plan and changing your eating and lifestyle habits. You’ve probably experienced steady pound loss for several weeks. Then all of a sudden it happens.


You step on the scale and instead of seeing a lesser number than before, you see the very same number staring back at you. At first, you can’t believe your eyes. You’re doing everything possible to stick to your diet this time, and you’ve been faithful to it up to this point.


You Wonder To Yourself Why Did I Stop Losing Weight?

These are the major reasons  you Stop Losing Weight On Diet Plan:

The scale stubbornly refuses to answer your question. You think about everything you ate for the past week, and go over the fat and calorie content with a fine tooth comb. Still, you can’t seem to figure out what went wrong.


Well, the simple answer is nothing went wrong. You’ve just hit a temporary plateau on your weight loss journey. Even though you may be feeling discouraged right now, this is no time to give up on your diet. You see, every dieter goes through this at one point or another. It’s quite common in both men and women.


Your body has it’s own unique chemistry and time frame for burning fat and Calories. In the beginning of a diet, your body responds nicely to the sudden change in eating style. You lose a bunch of water weight first, then the fat begins melting. You feel a lot better than you’ve felt in a long time, and everything is going along fine.


But, after several weeks, your body will adjust to the new regimen and begin to adopt to the changes you’ve made. It becomes harder for you to get your metabolism revved up enough to drop more weight off your body. While disturbing, it’s not a big cause for concern.


You should continue on your diet, but maybe change a few things that you’re eating to give yourself more variety in your meals. Also, switch up the exercise activity that you do. For instance, if you only walk on the treadmill, then you need to find something else in addition to that. Maybe follow a dance exercise video every other day, then do the treadmill for one or two days.


At some point, you will begin to lose weight again. Dieting is not an exact science, so be prepared for some ups and downs along the way. Try to stay as upbeat as possible no matter what that scale says. Those numbers aren’t really as important as the healthy benefits you get from dieting. If you are unhappy with your current Diet plan for some reason, you may find one you like.

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