Weight Loss Ways With Low Calorie Foods

Weight loss ways

If your goal is weight loss, then you need to burn more calories than you take in. However, feeling full while eating less of the types of foods that led to you being overweight is not an easy task. Instead, you need to start consuming foods that will let you feel fuller while at the same time providing you with fewer calories. There are a number of diet plans that don’t take the amount of calories into consideration. If you don’t start eating low calorie foods, committing to any long term diet will result in failure.

Fortunately, there is an ingredient in certain foods that can help you accomplish this goal, if you are interested in how to lose belly fat. On top of that, this ingredient will make it easier for you to feel full and satiated in a shorter amount of time and it will also enable you to feel as if you are not depriving yourself of food and you won’t feel hungry, despite eating less.

By now, you might be asking what this special ingredient is that will help your stomach feel full and satiated without eating a lot. The answer is simple. This special ingredient is fiber. According to the USDA, fiber is an essential nutrient that is not consumed as much as it should be. In fact, there is actually a shortage in the amount of fiber that people include in their regular diets.

The concept of consuming fewer calories demands that you understand the concept of ‘energy density’. Energy density is the amount of calories that are present in a specific quantity of food. If a food item has a high energy density, it means that it contains a lot of calories while have a small quantity of that food. A food item with a low energy density means that there are a less amount of calories in a larger quantity of food, making it a perfectly healthy snack.

A good example of this is raisins and grapes. One average cup of raisins contains around 435 calories. On the other hand, an average cup of fresh grapes contains around 105 calories. Thus, to consume the same amount of calories, you would have to eat a quarter cup of raisins to get the same amount of calories. This should give you an idea about the concept of energy density.

If your aim is to lose weight or maintain your current weight, then your aim should be to eat foods that have a low energy density. Read on to learn about which types of foods are good to eat and have a low amount of calories and a larger amount of fiber. These foods will help you to feel full and satiated with just a small portion consumed and you will not feel the craving to eat more afterwards.

Low calorie fiber Rich Foods

Any food that contains a lot of fiber will help you to feel fuller that much faster. This is because fiber absorbs water and expands in your stomach. If you have ever eaten oatmeal, which has several grams of fiber, then you have no doubt noticed how it expands once you add water or any other liquid to it.

Other fiber rich foods include just about any type of beans, including black beans, lentils, split peas, and Lima beans. Whole grains and wheat are also a great source of fiber. Besides breads, you can buy whole wheat spaghetti, noodles, and lasagna too.

As for fruits, any fruit in which the skin is still attached can supply you with an ample amount of fiber, including apples, pears, and peaches. Raspberries, blueberries, and dried figs also have a nice amount of fiber.

Low calorie food items :


low calorie vegetables to lose weight
Fresh fruit and vegetables taste great. Include some nuts in your diet too.

Vegetables are great food products that have lower amounts of calories and more fiber. Notable examples of such vegetables are lettuce, broccoli, zucchini and asparagus. So get used to including these vegetables to your daily diet and replace meats and cheeses etc with these vegetables in various dishes, such as pasta or noodles. You can also add these vegetables to your sandwiches as a replacement of cheese and/or mayonnaise.



Enjoy selecting your food – find a local green grocery store that sells fresh food only.



Low calorie diet to lose weight

Another great source of fiber that have less amounts of calories are fruits. Fruits are generally considered to be a very healthy food product and for the purposes of thisarticle, they are an ideal food product. Some fruits are especially good at having low amounts of calories and larger amounts of fiber in them, such as raisins. Juices that are made from fruits not a good option as they contain a lot of concentrated calories and will not make you feel full after you drink them. Instead, eating a fresh orange will provide you with less calories and a higher amount of fiber and will satiate you completely and you won’t feel the need to eat any more



low calorie carbohydrates to lose weight

Another food group that contains less calories and more fibers are carbohydrate containing foods. Typical examples of these food items include pasta and cereals. Thus, choose carbohydrate containing foods that have an abundance of fiber in them, such as the aforementioned cereals, as well as whole grain breads, brown rice and oatmeal. Also, avoid breads that are developed with refined white flour and artificial sweeteners as they are bound to have a lot of calories in them.




This might seem contradictory, but some fat containing foods are actually full of fiber and have a low amount of calories in them. The good types of these types of fats are nuts, seeds, healthy vegetable oils like flax, olive and safflower oils. However, while eating foods containing these fats, make sure that you use small portions and don’t eat too much of them.

And of course there are the vegetables. Celery, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and a host of other vegetables have lots of fiber. These nutritious items can be abundantly eaten while adding only a small amount of calories to your diet.

In short, to feel fuller with fewer calories, eat more fiber rich foods. The extra bulk it adds to your meal will allow you to feel the satisfaction that you desire in a meal, while still limiting the amount of calories that you consume.





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