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#1 Diet Plans

The first thing to take into consideration when you are trying to lose weight is to start a proper diet plan. This is a crucial first step and you should create a diet plan that is personalized and customized for your body and its specific requirements. A personal diet plan  should not simply consist of recipes for supposedly healthy foods. Instead, this diet plan should also serve as a statement of your commitment and willingness to lose weight and improve the state of your body through hard work and dedication. Therefore, the plan is the journey you will take to reach the goal of losing weight and having a fitter and healthier body.

A diet plan is a statement of your desired state, and a list of ways that you plan to reach that goal. Beginning with the end in Mind.

As an example, take my own weight loss goals. I wish to have a weight that is between 180 to 200 pounds (80 kg – 85 kg) and on top of that, I also wish to feel comfortable with my body as a result of losing weight and improving the overall state of my body. I would also like to become fit enough to be able to walk around 2 miles without stopping once for rest. This is my desired goal.

For my personal diet plan, the majority of my plan will include diet and exercise goals. However, exercising and eating the right kinds of foods is not the only thing required to successfully lose weight. You also need to have the emotional motivation and dedication to genuinely want to lose weight by sticking to the exercise and diet plans. At the start, I had to struggle to become emotionally invested enough to practically follow through with exercising regularly and eating the right kinds of foods and avoiding foods that would be detrimental to my weight loss goals.


#2 Weight Loss Clinics

Weight loss tips

Weight loss clinics can be a great opportunity for you to lose weight successfully. They can be especially useful at the initial stages of your weight loss journey as the clinic will provide you the emotional support and motivation needed to stick to a new dieting and exercising regimen.

Weight loss clinics are typically advertised at local doctors’ offices and you can also ask your GP to recommend some good weight loss clinic for your weight loss goals. Your GP will have comprehensive health related information about you, such as your blood pressure, your blood sugar levels and other relevant information and so, your GP can be a good source for finding a good weight loss clinic where you can get professional help to lose weight and become healthier and fitter than you currently are.

The idea here is that you can’t always go it alone. While it might seem like an easy idea to stick to a strict exercise and diet plan on your own, you might find it difficult over time to remain committed to the plan, and without anyone else to back you up, you might end up slipping up and going back to your old eating habits and even stop exercising completely. This is why weight loss clinics can be such a useful option for you. The specialists at the clinic can help you by performing a full body diagnostic on you and giving you all the information regarding your state of health and the issues that have led to your current weight. In this way, you can have a solid starting point with professionally provided data, and you can use this data to plan your exercise and diet plan with the help of the clinic specialists.


#3 Meal Plans

diet for weight loss

Meal plans are an essential and critical part of achieving your weight loss goals. You should plan your meals at least four days in advance. This plan should include every single ingredient that you will be consuming in the next four (or more) days and the quantities of those ingredients that you will be taking. You can start by planning just one day in advance, then two days, then four days, and eventually you should be planning your meals a week in advance.

There is a lot of value in this approach towards losing weight as it will give you complete and total control over what you put into your body and what you avoid. You will be able to shop with a specific list of food items and quantities and won’t overindulge yourself while preparing your meals.

In my own personal diet planning, most of my planning revolved around food ingredients and quantities. You can find innumerable diet plans online and in dieting books and you can end up getting confused as to which plan is best for you. The best option for you is to make up your own personalized diet plan. So take the data provided to you by your GP and with your GP’s help, prepare your own personalized diet plan which will list out exactly which foods you should eat and how much of them you should consume.


#4 Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural food product for the purpose of weight loss. I have personally been trying it out by adding it into my diet plan. I will update this section in future with the results of adding apple cider vinegar into my diet, so keep an eye out on this section for updates.


#5 Fat Burner Exercises

run to lose weight

Over time, my exercising routine changed as my body began to get used to regular physical exertion and I could exercise for longer and longer periods of time without getting completely exhausted. This was also due in part to the healthy changes I had made in my diet.

I started meeting other people who were out running and exercising for the same reasons as me, namely, to lose weight and become healthy and fit. This socialization with people who shared the same goals as me helped a lot in providing me with emotional support and motivation that I needed to stick to my diet and exercise plans.

I enjoy walking, swimming and bike riding – Jane

After a while, I started going further and further and then seeking places where I could walk a lot. Of course, having a dog, it wasn’t hard to meet people who were also exercising their dogs. Then the motivation and support really kicked in. After a while I started to get interested in swimming again, then I found my passion – bike riding.I eventually upgraded my exercising to bike riding. Over time, I rode my bike for longer and longer distances as my stamina levels increased and my diet played a large role in that as well.. So far I haven’t hit the gym, but time will tell…….

How did my weight loss philosophy evolve over time?

Begin with the mind

Before starting anything, it is essential to gather as much knowledge about the topic as possible. The same applies to losing weight and becoming fit and healthy. This was my approach towards losing weight. In order to solidify my commitment to my weight loss goals, I wrote out a detailed plan on paper which included details about my diet as well as my exercising goals. This helped me a lot and whenever I had moments of weakness, I would just read the paper I had written my goals on and I would be committed to it once again.

To write a proper plan for yourself, start with writing down details about your current physical state, such as weight, your calorie intake, blood pressure, blood sugar level, your waist line measurement and other relevant details related to your weight and fitness levels. This will give you a clear idea about where you stand at present and how much work you need to put in to achieve your desired weight and fitness levels.

Next, follow your heart

Once you have developed a proper weight loss and exercise plan for yourself, the next step is to become emotionally invested in it. You need to be passionate and fully dedicated towards your weight loss goals. By being passionate about it, you won’t be at risk of faltering and quitting your plan halfway through.

Finally, the body

At last, you can get started with your weight loss and exercise plan according to the plan that you have put down on paper. This plan can include simple things like:

– Running a mile every day

– Making healthy meals plans for the entire upcoming week

– Increasing the number of push-ups you do every day

– And so on and so on.

Good luck!

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