Weight Loss Hypnotherapy


Have you experienced that during your diet, while eating a simple butterscotch, you start wishing if it was a butterscotch ice cream? If your answer is yes, then you might need to get a hypnotherapist as soon as possible so that you can learn how to enjoy the butterscotch and not have that ice cream as a second notion. I know it’s difficult to imagine a life without your favorite food just because your diet plan doesn’t allow you to eat it.

What is the Hypnotherapy process?

It is a wonderful aid to effect the patient’s state positively while being in an unconscious state. It allows the person to explore mental and emotional stresses that are often hidden from their conscious mind. During this whole therapy process, the patient needs to build his/her trust with the hypnotherapist in order to have better suggestions and reliable discussions.

How Hypnotherapy helps in weight loss?

As Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption and close attention, the treatment is done using mental images along with verbal repetition of words. During the treatment process, as the

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is a technique you can utilise to engage with your subconscious. Your mindset has a huge impact on your beliefs, including how your feel about your body.

patient is paying close attention, and responding deeply to the suggestions, his behavior changes to help him to lose weight. Though this treatment is becoming increasingly acceptable as  the best means of weight loss, many people are still raising questions asking does it really work?

Reading further might solve this mystery for you, too, if you are one of those who have misconceptions about it.

How Is it is done?

This therapy is used as a magnificent aid to weight loss. This is what happens during this treatment:

  1. Firstly, your hypnotherapist will guide you to go into a state of deep relaxation.
  2. After making sure that the patient is in his/her relaxation mode, the coach will be able to access the patient’s unconscious mind just as if he/she is having a daydream.
  3. Now, carefully choosing a good range of words that can be highly effective, he investigates the patient’s reasons for overeating and provides him with some good suggestions using the technique of thinking through visualization. The patient has a full control and can reject any suggestion made by his coach.
  4. Having a series of session with the coach, the patient will end up learning how to control the negative emotions and habits which result in over eating habits, replacing them with the positive suggestions of the hypnotherapist.

Techniques  for weight loss.

Though each patient comes up with a different reason for wanting to lose weight, the following are some of the suggestions that may be encountered during hypnotherapy done for weight loss

1: Envisaging your body at the level of fitness you wish to achieve.

2: Thinking how you will feel with your new healthy look.

3: Imagining that you have accomplished your goal successfully.

4: Thinking that you haven’t put so much of your effort for this goal.

5: Observing how much you will have to improve from this day.

6: Realizing that exercising daily will keep you fit always.

These hypothetical scenarios are just to empower the patient so that he/she can take control over his/her appetite. The hope is that he/she will still enjoy the taste of healthy food and will stop craving  more sugary fatty foods through the weight loss hypnosis.

Is  hypnotherapy difficult?

If you really want to fulfil your dream of becoming smarter and enjoying a fat-free life hypnotherapy is not a difficult way to adopt the habit of avoiding over eating. Just go through some of my suggestions.

Be a comfort eater

Weight loss Hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to process negative feelings in a way that doesn’t lead to comfort/binge eating.

Don’t eat mindlessly

Are you really keen on losing your weight through hypnotherapy?  Just keeping a food diary with you to jot down the quantity of whatever food you eat, will help you to have a good idea of your meals. This technique will help you maintain a good fitness level through hypnotherapy.

Get enough exercise

Besides dieting, exercises are also valuable for other reasons when it comes to losing weight. But unfortunately, many times, mental blocks stop you from doing exercises because of the following reasons.

1: You feel a lack of energy and self-motivation.

2: Lacking the confidence to exercise in public areas.

3: Afraid of getting sweaty.

4: And of course, convincing yourself to do it the next day.

Debunking Common hypnotherapy Myths  

In addition to the discussion of the usefulness of hypnotherapy in losing weight, let me share some common myths that unfortunately many people believe regarding this treatment. Some of the most common myths are as follows:

  • Will get out control
  • Will fall asleep
  • Will be forced to do something you really don’t want to
  • Making you pressurized to reveal your top secrets.
  • Having your memory erased for some time.

Be assured that these are myths and make an appointment for your hypnotherapy treatment.


Simply depending on this treatment won’t make a tremendous effect alone. You will need to work out your diet plans and schedule exercise times too. You should also aim to be healthy, trying not to see your body as a source of anxiety. By trying to cope with the deep emotions that lead to the bad habit of eating so much, I am sure that this treatment will prove to be the best remedy for losing your weight and letting you enjoy your life by adopting a healthier lifestyle with a happier mindset.

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