Weight Loss Diet Plans

Have a Diet Plan to Reach Your Desired State


What is a Diet Plan?

A Diet Plan is a roadmap of how you are going to reach your desired state. Its starts with you knowing your desired state, knowing where you presently are, and then working out a way that suits you to reach your desired state. It can be a few points, or very detailed, but its important that you write it down.

Have you really sat back and thought what you really want to be?. Be specific here, write down what is your desired state.

Weight Lose Diet Plans
Having a picture in your head of your desired weight helps develop your diet plan.

To get you started, think about what you feel is your Natural Weight Range. Depending on your height, your genetics and a host of other factors, you should feel comfortable in yourself if you were in this weight range.

Why Make a Diet Plan?

Having a written plan, gives you a road-map that suits you. Being written, it enters your mind, particularly the subconscious mind, and helps provide motivation and desire to achieve. In our How To Articles, there is a collection of mind and knowledge articles that you may wish to refer to.

How Can I Make a Diet Plan?

Grab a sheet of paper and brainstorm some ideas.

Now its time to make a fair assessment of your current state. Take a photo of yourself, and if it help, write down in third person what you see when you look at the photo.

Janes Top Tip – Use measurements like weight, and circumference to get some initial data. Remember you are who you are!, your goals will be a factor of your what make you.

Knowing where you are, and having brainstormed some ideas of what you could do, then write down a few specific things that you can do.

For example I remember having things like;

  • Walk the dog around the block each day
  • Get a phone app to measure my distance
  • Write a meal plan for the week
  • Drink more water.
  • Evaluate eating Habits

Note that  didn’t involve any weight goals specifically. Start small and fun.

Jane says – Find a fun activity that you can add to your plan. Do that first, and do it every day.

Who Can Help?

Finding a buddy who wants to join in is a great help. Having a dog on a lead is a sure fire way to make friends, but having someone who also has a desire to reach their goals is a sure fire way of achieving your Diet plan.

What tools can help to lose weight?

It really is a moral booster when you collect some data about your activities towards your desired goal. A great start is a pedometer, something like the recommended one shown below from our friends at Amazon. Grab your diet plan and relook at you activities and add some of the data from the pedometer.


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