12 ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Are you feeling worried about being over weight? Or finding it difficult to stick to your diet plan? Or just unable to go out for your gym regularly? No problem at all – this article might help you to lose your weight naturally without even forcing you to lift heavy weights or run on an elliptical endlessly.

How to lose weight without exercise

Lose Weight Without Exercise

To shape your body perfectly by gaining the ideal weight you just need to follow these simple steps:

Tip 1: Slow intake of food

Taking your food in small portions and chewing each bite thoroughly and slowly might help you in losing weight. This is because your brain needs some time to process that you’ve had enough to eat. Finishing your food too quickly effects your health badly. After conducting different surveys, it is concluded that fast eaters gain more weight as compared to the slow eaters.

Tip 2: Whole eggs

Being afraid of having a high level of cholesterol can be overcome by adding whole eggs in your diet plan. This is because eggs are enriched with proteins which prove to be a very good source of losing your weight.

So, instead of eating a grain-based breakfast just switch to a protein-rich option such as whole eggs.

Tip 3: Serve unhealthy food in red crockery

food to lose weightThis might sound weird to you but it’s a fact. Everybody knows that red symbolizes a danger sign, therefore use red dishes for serving unhealthy food.  Psychologically people are more likely to be attracted towards food served on blue or white plates.

Tip 4: Fight Stress

Have you ever found yourself craving more food every time? If the answer is yes, then you need to avoid getting more stressed. Fighting stress away can help you to reduce your weight.   Recent research proves that women under stress have a higher rate of hankering for more calories rather than if non–stressed.  You just need to minimize stress around you by planning ahead, meditating and gradually slowing down your anger in order to control your appetite.

Tip 5: Limit your sugar intake

The more sugar you eat, the higher the chance of getting some of the world’s leading diseases like cardiac illness, cancer and diabetes. Limiting the  quantity of sugar you ingest does not only save you from diseases, but it is surely a way to save you from being overweight too. For sweet dish lovers it might be a little difficult, but you must follow up on this issue if you really want to work for the betterment of your health.

Tip 6: A small plate leads to a small intake

History reveals that small plates were used by our ancestors for meals. The reason behind this was just to trick your mind into thinking that the meal is larger. Therefore, it’s smart to nibble from smaller plates, causing you to eat less.

Tip 7: Drink water regularly

Drinking at least 8 glass of water daily has always been beneficial to health. But as claimed by the doctors, drinking half a liter of water thirty minutes before a meal helps to reduce hunger and maintain ideal weight. By replacing soft drinks with water you can surely experience a very good result.

Tip 8: Brush your teeth after meals

You might think that brushing your teeth just after a meal may be unnecessary. But it’s a fact that brushing or flossing teeth after food intake will certainly lessen the chances of grabbing some more unnecessary snacks.

Tip 9: Switch off the electronic devices

Make sure that you are not sitting in front of television or have your cell phone in your hand while eating meals. People who do so are likely to gain more weight than those who follow this tip and switch off their devices. So, pay attention to your food while eating, rather than your electronic devices, and this may help you eat fewer calories.

Tip 10: Count calories once in a whileweight loss without exercise

You must be aware of whatever food you intake, because keeping a check on the amount of calories getting into your body will be effective in maintaining a good health.

Keeping a record using any electronic device may even be more beneficial than jotting it down in a food diary.

Tip 11: Spinach Extract

You may have heard of Spinach Extract, a great weight loss supplement made from spinach leaves. This supplement is a green powder either taken with water or added to smoothies. Obtaining positive results in weight loss, this supplement is now sold in the form of snack bars and capsules, too. This promotes weight loss by delaying fat digestion, temporarily controlling your appetite and causing people to eat less.

Tip 12: Boost up your Health Lifestyle

Preparing yourself just to follow a heavy diet plan won’t work at all because dieting always fails in long term plans. In fact, people who diet regularly tend to gain more weight in the future.  Instead of merely focusing on losing weight, make it a primary goal to supply your body with a good amount of proteins and nutrients. Work on your lifestyle to become a healthier, happier and a buoyant personality in place of striving hard to lose your weight.

Rather than following all the tips simultaneously just make a start with any one of these because  “a few simple changes can have a tremendous & long lasting impact.”

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