Lifestyle Factors to Lose Weight

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Take it steady as you lose weight so you can manage your feelings of hunger

Have you ever wondered how you can possible lose weight and still not starve yourself to death? I guess this is a question by almost everyone wanted to shed off the unwanted weight in their bodies. And yet, so many of them still don’t know the answer. Coming from someone who has undergone the same process, I would like to share with you some of the possible answers to this perennial question

When we eat, our body is breaking down in its most active way the food that we take in. this is the process of burning Calories. But this doesn’t mean that you have to “devour” a bowl of goodies while lying luxuriously on your couch while watching TV; all along thinking and waiting that your Calories will burn in just a matter of minutes. Because this is not at all true.

You see, there are foods that actually contain fewer calories than our body will burn by simply digesting it. Have you heard of the fact that celery is a negative or zero calorie food? It simply means that our body burns the unnecessary Calories by digesting it. So it is actually ok to eat as much celery as you want, minus the dips which are very high in Calories.

Lifestyle Factors for losing weight

life style factor to lose weightBut importantly, we have to think and ponder on the kind of lifestyle that we are presently having and living. What lifestyle we have can have an impact on the kind of food that we eat too. If we are too busy, busy enough to eat a proper lunch, we might end up always eating junk foods. So, there is a really a tendency for you love unhealthy foods like peanuts, chips, and chocolate.

A lot of online advices will tell you to go to the gym, jog every day, and of course stay away from the unhealthy foods I am actually enjoying. But let us be real here. The gyms out there are already full of already thin and sexy people. If I go jogging, there is a tendency that I will get mugged, and please! If I will be taking away my weekly leisure of pizza and ice cream, my entire life would be utterly meaningless!

So if am as hard headed as this, what would be my option? What will be the solution for all my unwanted fats? How can I lose weight without starving myself to death? Simple. It would be to live a new life style. This would include eating a healthy breakfast that may include oats and cereals or even toasts. For my lunch I need to have something light; like a tuna sandwich for instance. And for dinner would be super light that I have to sleep with an almost empty stomach.

And the main decision will be to stop all my in between meals. All those endless snacks have to go. And I have to tell you that this is not easy. It never was and never will be. But with determination and my strong desire to do it, I have to do it. And for the share of my exercise, I need to have some sacrifices. Whenever possible, I will be leaving my car in the safety of my garage and walk to most places instead.

Activities to Lose Weight

activities to lose weightI can also opt to take the dog for a walk to the park, or have time to take my children there every weekend. We can play sports there. This will certainly prove that I can, and I did, lose weight by having fun and not by forcing myself to do things that I don’t want to do.

And I am proud to say that I had actually lost several pounds off.

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