Desire and Knowledge

You Want To Know How To Lose Weight By Using Your Mind

In my opinion, knowledge is your secret weapon to Lose weight. Engaging your mind, especially your subconscious mind, will provide the motivation and support you to achieve your desires.One of the earliest personal development courses I did that I really clicked with,was Steven Covey, 7 habits of effective people. One of the 7 points, is to begin with the end in mind. I think there are many meanings to this. The obvious one to most people is the mental picture of the ‘thing’ you want to create. Starting with the imagination, we create a goal in our mind that is often graphical. By that I mean think of a sculpture who ‘see’ the statue well before they chip away the excess material to ‘reveal’ the statue that they saw before even the first hammer blow.

Having ones mind in order, must therefore be important to achieve their Weight loss goals. As there is the conscious and the subconscious mind, it leads to the question of where do you start?

The Conscious Mind

 desire and knowledge to lose weightYou have already asked yourself to gain knowledge about fat loss, or Weight loss, as you have found this website. To do that you had to asked the internet a question and hence to seek knowledge. That is your conscious mind at work. Literally, working away asking questions and seeking answers.


Your conscious mind is your active voice. When you talk to yourself, when you reflect on things, and when you are driven by emotions, it is your conscious mind. By controlling your conscious mind, by watching what you allow yourself to see, to read, to feel, is you engaging and ‘feeding’ your subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that continually processes your inputs. When you wake up at night with that brilliant strategy to Lose weight, that is the output from your subconscious. It take what you have fed it and it constructs your behavior.

The Interaction of your Mind(s) and your Desire to Lose Weight

Having a desire to lose weight is the reason you have already taken action to seek knowledge to meet this goal. You can take further action to self motivate yourself, by writing down your reasons why you want to Lose weight. Think of your health reasons, your social reasons, all your reasons. The act of writing down your reasons, and adding some passion (some emotion), will be the best starting place you can be to self motivate yourself to achieve your desired goal.

The development of your Weight loss plan

Having written down these notes, you already have the structure of your personal plan to lose weight. The next stage is to determine exactly where you are, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Gathering this data allows your conscious mind to actively follow this data, and by providing this focus, will allow you to feed your subconscious mind that you desire a change in your physical outcome, and even perhaps your emotional outcome.

Setting up this goal orientated personal system will give you time to seek further knowledge regarding health impacts, influences on your weight, and perhaps even behaviors that you hadn’t realized were impacting upon your weight. For example, it took me a while to realize that my lack of a breakfast routine including anything but that morning cup of coffee was having a subtle but definite impact on my metabolism. That second glass of wine before eating dinner – not so good either. Sometimes simple changes are hidden in plain sight.

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