How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Diet

 Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Diet

Why lose weight?

Obesity is a condition in which most of the body fat has accumulated to the degree where it have negative impact on our body. This condition is caused by large amount of food intake, improper  diet, junk food, lack of Exercise etc.Obese people are more likely to develop conditions like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, depression, type II diabetes, arthritis etc In order to avoid these diseases we have to lose weight to stay healthy and fit.

Lose weight by healthy Diet

Lose Weight Fast with Diet
Use fresh food from the grocers.

You have to seek for healthy nutrient: If your project is to lose weight , you should  maintain healthy consuming habits. It should not be any special diet, but consume healthy nutrients and smaller portions will function. To do this you have to keep a Calorie chart and use it. It should be a maximum of one thousand five hundred Calories and not less than one thousand two hundred is a good beginning. Consume lean meats and not fried one without skin.

Take veggies, fruits, whole grains,fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, legumes/beans,milk, yogurt and low fat dairy and take enough water. Consume high fiber foods. Cut back on salt, sugar and high fat foods, these are empty calories. Don’t skip your breakfast as the name suggests “breaking the fast”. It restores the level of glucose ,an essential carbs required for the brain to function properly. People who eat breakfast properly are less like to gain weight.

Walk to lose weight

Lose Weight Fast with Exercise

If you love to have walks and wonder, then this is an opportunity to use it for your advantage. Can you lose weight by walking? The response is yes. Walking is enjoyable, easy and free; you don’t suffer or pay to walk. You can go to the mall, the park, throughout the hood or wherever you wish. Weight loss and walking go hand in hand like they are made for each other, it’s so simple and commodious and anybody can do it. You have to do something you can enjoy and lose weight doing it.

Walking is one of the easiest and accessible way to lose weight and it also helps to decrease the stress level. The more you walk the more Calories you’ll burn.We should walk daily at least for 20 minutes. And walk for 15 minutes after every meal can maintain body’s blood sugar level.While walking , concentrate on swinging your arms,  this movement will enable you to consume more Calories and assemble quality in your shoulders. By walking at 2mph for 30 minutes You’ll burn around 75 calories simply. Up your speed to 3mph and it’s 99 Calories, while 4mph is 150 calories.

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