Tip #2 How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Here is our second tip for fat loss. Keeping your mind fresh is a key aspect.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

The key to staying motivated to lose weight is similar to the amount of fuel in the car. You have to fill the tank of the car to keep it in running condition, and the same is the case here for you to stay “motivated to lose weight“. If you notice that your “weight loss motivation” is waning, then give yourself a break from your diet and exercise plan for two to three days. Try to keep the “motivation to lose weight” natural instead of forced. Fat loss is a serious business. Treat it in the right way. Weigh yourself every morning to be aware of your weight and  then you can do the necessary things to lose the extra fat.

Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight

weight loss motivation

Define the all reasons why you should lose weight and note them in your personal diary. These points are just like your goals which you will need to work hard to achieve. This will help you to stay committed and motivated.

Read your noted goals daily and use them as a reminder when you are tempted to stray from your weight loss plans. This may include avoiding certain things so you  achieve your goals and keep motivated.

A lot of people adopt different exercises and other methods to lose fat on their doctor’s advice. But if a person is personally motivated, then they will be more successful in succeeding with their plan.

Have Realistic Expectations

 Many diets and weight loss plan merchandise vendors claim rapid and easy weight reduction methods. But most practitioners advocate that the most effective way to shed weight is to lose up to 1–2 pounds (zero.5–1 kg) per week. Setting impossible goals for yourself can result in frustration and cause you to give up. On the other hand,  if you can stick to your goals this ends in emotions of achievement.

Also, people who attain their self-determined weight reduction dreams are much more likely to maintain their weight loss in the long run.

A study using facts from numerous weight reduction centers found that women who expected to lose the maximum weight were the most likely to drop out of the program. So try to shed weight slowly and try different workouts to achieve your  goals.

The best news is that only a little weight loss of 5–10% of your frame weight will have a massive effect to your health. In case you are 180 pounds (82 kg), this is simply 9–18 pounds (4–8 kg). In case you are 250 kilos (113 kg), its thirteen–25 kilos (6–eleven kg).

In fact, dropping 5–10% of your frame weight can

  • Enhance blood sugar control
  • Reduce the threat of heart sickness
  • Lower levels of cholesterol
  • Lessen joint pain
  • Reduce the hazard of some cancers


Motivation Mindset

Here is a short inspiration video. The reason  these videos help is due to your subconscious. Getting information into your subconscious and building up the momentum for your motivation to overcome any blockages in your mind is vitally important.


Focus on Process Goals

Many people looking to shed pounds most effectively set final goals that they need to accomplish with a specified deadline. Focusing most on the end results can derail your motivation. They can regularly seem too distant  and your motivation will go away, leaving you feeling crushed. Rather, you should set practical goals, or what actions you will take to reach your favored outcome. An example of a practical goal is to exercise 4 times every week.

A study showed that 126 obese women collaborating in a weight loss program  who were goal oriented were much more likely to shed pounds and less likely to deviate from their diets, compared to people who focused on losing weight alone.

Do not forget putting SMART desires to set strong goals for yourself. SMART stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Plausible
  • Practical
  • Time-based

Some examples of SMART goals include:

  • I will walk for half an hour 5 days next week.
  • I will  eat 4 servings of veggies every day this week.
  • I will only  drink one soda this week. (or none)

Chart your progress

Another good way to keep your motivation levels high is to chart your progress . You can do this by weighing yourself every morning and noting down the reading on a notepad. Thus, whenever you start to lose motivation for your  plan, looking at your past progress will encourage you to keep going as you achieve practical and feasible results.

Work out with music

This might seem unorthodox, but another great way to stay motivated  is to listen to music while working out.

Listening to lively and loud music has been shown to vastly improve the motivation to exercise.





Last words… If you truly have confidence in your mind that you can prevail with regards to getting in shape, you will succeed. Our brain is a capable thing. What you unequivocally accept will work out as expected.








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  • April 10, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    I’m 15 and I really want to lose weight to be ready for the summer, but every time I get motivated to cut off the sweets and work out I end up eating a lot more of them. What should I do?


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