How Effective are Knee Sleeves for Overweight People

The protection offered by knee sleeves can be of great help to overweight people whose knees are under intense daily pressure and prone to strains, pains and even possible injuries.  Although knee sleeves are typically used for working out at the gym, they can also be used as a form of recovery outside of training. If you are looking to buy some sleeves of your own, check out this basic buyers guide for knee sleeves  for  all body types.

Knee Sleeves

knee supportKnee sleeves are the most common type of the modern knee support accessories in the market today. They are worn by a wide range of people such as athletes, joggers, walkers and other known exercisers for their knees’ protection from injuries, pains, and even leg stability. People often confuse knee sleeves and knee braces, when actually they are completely different in their purpose and functionalities.


Knee sleeves are designed to protect the knee from possible future injuries and damage. They are made such that they offer the necessary support to the knee joints’ and ligaments without limiting the overall knee mobility. The Braces protect already injured knees from more or further injuries. Braces have a protective cushioning that protects the anterior knee and patella.


The efficiency of Knee sleeves on obese people


  1. Knee sleeves add a compression element value to the leg that increases the blood flow and reduces pain to the knee. This compression aspect is crucial to overweight people who are frequent victims of poor blood flow rate.


  1. They are made from comfortable polymer materials such as neoprene, drytex, or Polartec making it easy to slide on over the knee. Unlike knee braces, people don’t need to struggle forcing sleeves in their bodies as they just slide in with ease. For obese people, this flexibility aspect of sleeves favors them greatly as despite their large legs they are able to use them without frustrating them.


  1. Knee sleeves add warmth to the entire leg and knee area during the cold seasons or workouts, which increase blood circulation in the body.


  1. They increase proprioception. Knee sleeves are not only designed to offer mechanical support for the knee joint but also this crucial sense of positioning by the body parts to other neighboring parts (proprioception). This is very important to overweight people whose organs sometimes may feel misplaced due to their body largeness.


  1. Injury prevention- Mostly when working out or sporting, knee sleeves are crucial components for injury protection and extra joints support. Obese people are very susceptible to tripling, which may easily lead to injuries, and it is only important to protect yourself.


  1. Knee sleeves can be worn on a free day when you have an injury or niggle on the knee that may be scaring them as they have some heating effect which promotes air and blood circulation hence facilitating proper and quick healing.


  1. Knee sleeves size can be customized together with adjustable Velcro straps to correct bad knee feature. Depending on the size of your knee, knee Sleeves can be comfortably adjusted to suit their size. This means that anybody can use these sleeves, regardless of weight.


  1. Knee sleeves have a side heavy-duty hinges that help to provide medial and lateral stability to the knee preventing the possible ligaments that run up the sides of the knee joints such as LCL (lateral collateral ligament) or MCL (medial collateral ligament) tears.


  1. Most of knee sleeves are designed with openings around patella (kneecap) and popliteal (back of knee) for comfortable, extended use among overweight, obese, and morbidly for obese people.


  1. Obesity-related knee pains that prevent you from exercising or sporting can be treated with the use of knee sleeves. After which will mean you can comfortably workout with less hindrances.


  1. Unlike Knee braces, which only seek to ameliorate an already existing condition, knee sleeves aim at averting possibilities of an injury. This is crucial for overweight people as they can always protect themselves against possible knee injuries or strains that may occur as a result of their big bodies.


  1. It is argued that for every single unit of weight addition, the body exerts about five pounds of force more on the knee joint. Bearing this in mind you would only conclude that being overweight increases the risk of experiencing knee-related injuries and strains, which cause the knees to wear out faster than they might otherwise. Also, obesity to a great extends increases the risk of suffering from osteoarthritis or the acceleration of existing arthritis. With the use of the sleeve, then the knee’s lifespan is increased.


  1. There are Knee sleeves designed to help manage several knee conditions such as instability, Muscle weakness or injury, Ligament weakness, Arthritic knees, Knee osteoarthritis (bone on bone contact), general knee pain most of which are as a result of obesity. For more severe injuries, have a look at this guide to the best knee sleeves and braces for meniscus tears.


Where to buy knee sleeves

Top 5 Knee Sleeves for Overweight People

  1. Neoprene Open Patella Sleeve


  1. PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve


  1. WellWare Copper Knee Sleeve


  1. ProFitness Knee Sleeve


  1. Plus Size large Compression Knee Sleeve


Final Words


With all the above-mentioned merits of Knee sleeves, we can comfortably conclude that these are important accessories in any obese person’s gym bag. It all depends on your personal requirements and circumstances that act as a guide when selecting knee sleeves. There are different types tailored for different functionalities, Knee sleeves qualify to be a good remedy for any struggling obese person who may be looking for a solution to his/her condition.

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