Great Weight Loss Strategies

Unable to join your friends on a hiking track just because you are overweight? Are you trying to lose weight? Nothing to worry about at all. Here, I share you some of the most remarkable weight loss strategies, which solves your over weight problems.

Weight loss strategies

Weight loss strategies
Having a weight loss strategy is a smart way to achieve your weight loss goals.

boost your mood to lose weight

Set some objectives and stick to them, this great will power will surely help you to attain your goal of an ideal weight with the help of weight loss strategies . Once, you are unable to set yourself some clear targets, it won’t be possible to fulfill your expectations. Just try to set your mind of getting smarter today because only you can do this.

Enjoy your healthy meals while losing weight

Making a new diet plan doesn’t means that to you need to decrease calories by giving up the taste, quality or even the lack the ease of your food preparation. Adopt the new eating plan that helps you to decrease the rate of your calories intake and burn out the additional fats. Don’t forget to enjoy your every healthy meal that will surely become the cause of making you slimmer in the next few days.

Get fit & stay active

Getting fit doesn’t just mean that you need to schedule your busy routine with heavy timings of gym. You just need to stay active by always keeping yourself busy in any sort of physically activity .This activity might include having a badminton sports competition with your younger brother , or just enjoy running after the Frisbee disk. Climbing the stairs quickly twice thrice daily will be more than enough or even fidgeting during your television hours is a great way to stay active, too. According to different researches made, it is proved that those who maintain their weight loss over a long period of time gets indulge in physical activities on regular basis.

Say no to late night snacks

Yes, you are reading it right .You need to say completely no to your late-night snacks if you really want to fulfill your dream of attaining an ideal weight by following perfect weight loss strategies. Try to finish eating almost three hours before going to your bed. This is because if doing so, your metabolism gets slow down during your sleep shifting you from fat burning to fat storage.

Query your cravings

Before cutting yourself a piece of chocolate fudge cake that is right in front of you, while giving you a mouthwatering feeling, just ask yourself ”Am I really feeling hungry ?” unless and until a craving comes from hunger, eating this piece of cake won’t satisfy you at all.

Go Green

Don’t forget to add green in your diet plan. Eating vegetables will give you the sufficient amount of calories your body needs to consume. Instead of over cooked vegetables, try to take them in a salad or soup form. And through this new natural diet plan, you will be able to stay a perfect healthy life with no more fats and no more extra intake of calories.

 No salt, No fizz, No fats

Avoid sodium and carbonated eatable stuff right now, , because according to the weight loss strategies  carbonation can bloat your tummy, giving you a distended belly in return for several hours and sodium holds onto the fluid. If you want to reduce fat you must need to relinquish your spicy and salty meals with those fizzy drinks.

Be colorful

Have you ever noticed that why most of the restaurants serve you in contrast color plates? This is because they want the food to look more attractive to you, tricking your mind to consume more. Different researches made, says to avoid the plates that match the food served on them. So, offering yourself a greasy slice of pizza on a deep red plate would definitely work, stopping you to crave for some more.

Apple-test testing

Still craving out for some more meal, though you are already full? Stop here! You need to examine yourself with an apple-test first. Tell yourself that if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, it means you are not hungry at all. Hoping that this theory works well for you.

Slow and steady win the race

You might have heard of this phrase or just similar to this one. It perfectly matches you when you are planning to lose your weight. This is because your mind needs to take some time to process, and realizing whatever you are taking in. Chowing down the meal quickly will force you to carve for some more.

No sleepless nights

Weight loss guru advises to get plenty of sleep because the longer you sleep, the more you rev up your fat-burning engines. Sleeping for almost 8 hours at night helps in controlling ghrelin ”the hunger hormone” and Leptin ”the satiety hormone”. Else, depriving yourself of enough sleep leads you to more craving but less full results. So, catch a good sleep tonight and feel how fresh you will be the next day.


Study proves that the people who enjoy their food while sitting near a window or in well-lit area of the restaurant tends to order more healthier foods than those who opt for darker tables .And diners in a bar,  siting within two tables drinks three times more than an average. Moreover, the more close you sit to the television, the more fried food you order.  Still, these facts remain some options of increasing your weight but it doesn’t means you cannot enjoy your view outside the restaurant window, right?


Setting your diet plans must be smart which simply means

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Track able


This acronym can help you to result in weight-loss and attain your fitness goals. Promising yourself to drop one unhealthy snack each week, instead of saying” I need to cut all the sugary, dairy and carbs”, sounds more practical and a reasonable goal.

Without specific and particular goals, you can jeopardize your weight-loss plans easily. That is why you must use strategies for losing weight. Your goals for weight loss must be track able, allowing you to measure the positive changes you will undergo in some period of time and keeps you highly motivated, too.

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