Burn Fat and Build Muscle

There had been a point in my life where I was considered chubby. Not obese, but I didn’t want to just lose the fat, I desired to burn Fat and build Muscle! So I analyzed tons of articles on the right way to burn fat and build muscle. Here are the steps I performed that worked best for me.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle

What I did…it’s simple!

I took an image of myself and posted it on the wall by my bed – I needed to see every morning how I looked with the stomach fat on me so I could compare it and truly feel great about myself in the future. This could sound sad, but because we lose belly fat so gradually it is usually tough to notice until you have a dramatic comparison so you can see how much fat you lost compared against how much muscle you have built.

What I Did To Lose weight And Build Muscle

Burn Fat Build Muscle
I’m a huge fan of outdoor exercise.

I started doing Road Work in the mornings. As soon as I woke in the morning, I took a quick drink of water and started doing road work. Let’s get something straight, road work isn’t just normal jogging: it is a lot more intense and actually burns stomach fat! I’d jog for a minute, then run as fast as I could for another minute. Then, every couple of blocks I’d drop down and do 10-20 push-ups. After another 5 blocks, I’d do 20 or more jumping jacks.

This is key to lose weight and build muscle because the running allowed me to burn belly fat and the push-ups and sprints helped increase muscle. I use my favourite analogy, glance at the body of a marathon runner compared to a sprinter. The runner’s body is a load more ripped with little fat and a lot of muscle because the best way to lose belly fat is through explosive movements. Also, the explanation as to why I refused to put anything besides water in my body after waking up is actually because when you wake up in the morning, you often have nothing in your system for your body to burn as energy. When your body hasn’t got anything in it to burn for energy, it often turns to fat for energy.

I also limited my carbohydrate intake.  One of the most common reasons folks can’t work out the proper way to burn up the fat and build muscle is they are not eating properly, just like myself. Understanding that carbs get laid down as blubber when they aren’t used but also understanding that carbohydrates are vital for normal daily functions meant that I didn’t want to utterly cut them out of my life!

Instead, I attempted a different approach. After my last workout of the day, I wouldn’t eat any bread or rice products. Before my last workout nevertheless I’d eat my standard amounts of carbohydrates. This way, I knew that my last workout would burn away all of the excess carbohydrates so that nothing would get stored. This was a big piece of my search to find the best way to lose belly fat.

What Else I Did…

Burn Fat Build Muscle

In addition, I really increased my protein intake. Protein not only helps burn fat and build muscles after a tough workout, it helps mend them. So I’d eat lots of chicken, steak, fish, and beans which are high in protein and fiber. I also remembered to drink plenty of water during the day because high protein diets are extremely taxing on the kidneys, so lots of water is used to flush out the system of damaging byproducts of protein synthesis.

I also incorporated lots of full body exercises. This is vital to burn fat build muscle. Full body exercises needed the greatest  amount of energy to perform for my body! Therefore I’d do things such as squats, lunges, pull-ups and push ups to urge the most fat burning possible!

Never stop and never get complacent! I’ve got an expression – never complain and never quit. When I began to lose a few inches off my buckle fat, for a split second I believed “it’s all downhill from here, so I’m able to just sit back and watch myself burn fat build muscle and get ripped abs”. NO! That isn’t how it works so I had to re-adjust my thoughts and get back to work!

I was ready to Burn Fat, lose weight , add muscle and Get Ripped Abs.

This isn’t an overnight remedy to lose fat, however, it definitely worked for me! These things take a large amount of tough work and doggedness, but are very attainable. There comes a point in this routine where my body just clicked and it appeared as if I just started to burn the calories at a rapid pace, all the while building up muscle.

It is not that tough. Once I figured out how to burn fat, build muscle and create ripped abs. There are other exercises in particular that can be done to add to this strategy and really enforce the best way to lose belly fat, create muscle and lose weight.

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