About Us

Hi, Welcome to Fatlosstips.org, a place where you can find some knowledge, get some inspiration, and then take some action. to lose some of the weight.

If your feeling very daunted by all the information on the internet regarding fat loss and weight loss than you are not alone. Getting started on any journey, involves taking your first step, your first actions, and getting going.

So if you want to see how I manage my weight, my motivation, and my journey so that you can also achieve your weight goals then engage with this site, our facebook group and the webinar program.

About Me

I’m David, and I’m passionate about helping others in their weight loss journey. I have a simple methodology for this weight loss journey – first with the mind, then with forming habits and breaking old habits, and then continuing on your path.

I’m a middle aged guy, married with three kids, and had been enjoying a good time in a good pasture. At 45 I had a health scare that really made me assess my life, lifestyle, and where my body was at and what I needed it to do. My blood pressure and cholestrerol were very high…..so bad that when I finally went to the doctors he placed me straight onto an ECG test.

Having always been relatively fit, I hadn’t realised that over the previous year, my work and my life habits had lost their way and my physical system and my mental systems were both spiralling downwards. After having a diabetes test and my bloodworms checked, my Doctor and I had a long chat about where my mind was at, and where my body was. Reducing my work stress, getting some exercise, and having a good look and changes to my Diet. All of these actions required me to access my knowledge and understanding of these factors, and then to do something about them.

The good news is that apart from the initial shock of stopping drinking alcohol and seriously cutting back on my coffee habit, the rest of the journey is pretty good. Whilst we all are at different places in tie and we all have so many different factors and contributors to our weight, the approaches and strategies I have collated here in this website and program are going to help everyone.


 What Motivated Me

In late 2017, with one of my mentors, I realised my weight, especially my belly circumference, wasn’t where it should be.

Up until 45, I hadn’t really given that much attention to my overall well being, and had also been feeling ‘off’ for quite a while. The thing with getting unwell slowly is that you never really know how totally unwell you are because you are only a tiny little bit worse than yesterday.

On a visit to my Doctor, we found my blood pressure was high, and my weight was 95kgs. I also had high cholesterol. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was so worried about me that he had me take an ECG heart test straight away that morning.

After the shock – it was a matter of creating a plan with my Doc, who co-ordinated with a Dietician, to give me start. I knew myself to stop drinking alcohol and cutting coffee. Looking at my diet was another thing though……., and I started walking and then jogging. Living on a farm and often in Brisbane made that a lot easier because I had really great spaces to enjoy my walks.

After a few weeks it got easier and my energy came back. After ‘reframing’ my mind and ‘reprioritising’, I then had to build up some knowledge about food – including alcohol, and then onto the physical work of building back up my cardio and general fitness by getting back into walking, cycling, swimming and horse riding.

By bringing my life back into balance this way and realising I now had to monitor my mind, knowledge and body I really connect to this website and can bring value to it and thus to you.

My Approach

Putting these three pillars together made my WHY. My platform for success. In this website we hope you can engage in what is your WHY program. This isn’t a single one-stop solution shop promising you a no-fail way to do this and get that. In fact, this is an educational platform, where we will explore the three pillars of the WHY, and let you discover your own WHY along the way. So come on in, enjoy, leave me some feedback, and also whilst we build this website with more articles, understand some sections aren’t available yet. We’re working hard to fix that.

In this website you will find that we have searched for, reviewed or tested, various products and tools to help with;


Knowledge for the mind – especially the subconscious

Eating Habits – especially fresh fruit and vegetables, meals plans, cooking aids.

Physical Activity – especially walking, then jogging, some swimming and bile riding – so there will be some low cost products there to help too.


Enjoy the journey,